Information Technology Services
Alharith Consulting is here to solve your IT requirements and issues. One of the major issues with businesses is how to handle the IT infrastructure without heavy capital. This is particularly the case with small businesses where capital is precious.

Accounting Services

We are a technical accounting firm. We can handle majority of accounting issues. If you are starting a new business or have a current business that needs professional help and guidance, let Alharith Consulting guide you to a better way.

We offer comprehensive IT services

Our IT services are focused on new and small businesses. We are your IT partners that can handle a small office or a new IT system for your expanding business. Some of the services we offer:

Troubleshooting desktop and server issues.

Designing, deploying, and maintaining networks.

Creating and managing virtual machines.

We offer comprehensive accounting services

Our accounting services are focused on technology startups and small businesses. Since we are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have experience with many startups and what they require. Some of the services we offer:
Create chart of accounts based on your industry.
Handling all of the complex payroll duties.
Analyze if you qualify for Sales Tax Nexus.

A deeper drive into our IT services

A deeper drive into our design services

What We Offer Our Clients

We can work within budgets to maximize technology adoption. An example would be, if your business needs a file server, but do not want to purchase an actual server with licensing, we are able to convert an old laptop into a file server.

We would never try to sell your business, managed care service. This is a monthly service charge all IT companies try to sell to its’ customers. They might only give you four hour blocks each month, whether you use it or not, you will still get charged. If you do not purchase and stick with the hourly rate, they will push your request to the very bottom, basically punishing you for not buying their care plan.

Alharith Consulting only believes in getting paid for work that is done. It is against our ethical ethos that we charge and push for services that nobody wants or needs. Even if a customer requests it, we do not offer it. We are accountants, how do we recognize income, when no work has been done?
Your IT should not cost you thousands of dollars a month

Design that drives visibility and engagement